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Overgrown Toeskin

The nail is normal!


There is too much skin bulging over the nail - this is a "skin problem"


Ingrown Toenail

The nail is excessively curved, curled or thickened - this is a "nail problem"

What is "Overgrown Toeskin"?
What many refer to as an "Ingrown Toenail" is actually more accurately described as "Overgrown Toeskin". Read below to find out more!
In most cases of "ingrown toenails", the toenail is NORMAL!
The problem is actually with excess skin on the sides of the toe and, when walking/running/etc., the weight and pressure on the skin causes it to bulge over the NORMAL nail and creates the red, infected-looking skin, and pain on the toe.
But what if the nail IS the problem?

This is a different issue. There are some cases where the nail is ABNORMAL, being thick, curved (pincer) and digging into the skin, often seen in the elderly. Those are called "dystrophic nails". Like with overgrown toeskin, this also causes pain, redness, etc., but in this case all or part of the nail does need to be removed, sometimes involving destruction of the nail bed matrix.
Another condition we often see involving the nail is yellowish nails caused by a fungal infection. That is also a "nail problem" and needs its own unique approach.

The important thing is for doctors (and patients) to be able to recognize the difference and use the appropriate surgical approach when surgical correction is needed.

That's why we're here! Please check out our photos, videos and information to learn more about how this problem can be treated.
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