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It is important to understand if your toe problem is actually a nail problem or if, as in most cases, it is a skin problem. You should not be having surgery to correct a non-existent nail deformity!

Most of the time, when people suffer from "ingrown toenails" the problem is actually NOT the nail: it's the skin around the nail! Procedures that target the nail often leave you going back for more surgery and can also lead to mutilated toes (because the nails are removed/partially removed unnecessarily).


The Vandenbos Procedure offers patients a minor surgery that is only needed once (it will cure your problem!). It also leaves your nail untouched and your toe will look great! This surgery can easily be done in a family doctor's office.



The Vandenbos Procedure is a minor surgery. Your toe will be frozen and you won't feel any pain during the surgery. The "overgrown toeskin" around your toenail is removed by your doctor. Your nail is not cut or removed - there is nothing wrong with your nail! The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes for 1 toe and 30 minutes for 2 toes.


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NAIL AVULSION with/without Matrixectomy

When there truly is a problem with your nail, such as when it is excessively curved, curled or thickened, it may be necessary to remove all or part of your nail. If your nail may grow back normally, the doctor might only remove the nail without destroying the nail matrix (growth plate). However, if your nail is likely to grow in abnormally and continue causing pain and problems for you, your doctor may remove part or all of the nail and destroy the base of the nail. This is done with either chemicals or electrocautery. Dr. Chapeskie uses electrocautery for these procedures.


This is a minor surgical procedure and tends to have a shorter recovery time than the Vandenbos Procedure. It can also easily be done in the family doctor's office. Your toe will be frozen and you will not feel anything during the surgery. 

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