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Research Articles

Articles on Nail-Fold Excision (Vandenbos Surgery)


Nail-Fold Excision for the Treatment of Ingrown Toenail in Children

by Ramanath N. Haricharan, Javier Masquijo, and Marcos Bettolli


Soft-tissue nail-fold excision: a definitive treatment for ingrown toenails

by Henry Chapeskie & Jason Kovac

(clicking on the link for this article will download a .PDF file)

Nonrandomized assessment of ingrown toenails treated with excision of the skinfold rather than toenail (NAILTEST): An observational study of the Vandenbos procedure.

by Michael H. Livingston, Kamary Coriolano, and Sarah A. Jones.


Ingrown Toenail: A Result of Weight Bearing on Soft Tissue 

by Kermit Vandenbos and Warner Bowers 

(clicking on the link for this article will download a .PDF file)


Ingrowing Toenails: Is There a Nail Abnormality? 

by H.J. Pearson, R.N. Bury, J. Wapples, and D.F.L. Watkin (Courtesy of Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery)


Ingrown Toenail or Overgrown Toeskin?: Alternative Treatment for Onychocryptosis

by Henry Chapeskie

Reperfusion injury after Vandenbos procedure in the primary care office.

by Daphne Cheung and Jeremy Rezmovitz

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