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Dr. Henry Chapeskie


Thorndale Lions Medical Centre

In 1959 a U.S. Army medical doctor (Kermit Vandenbos) wrote about this phenomenon and the procedure he used to remove the excess soft tissue from the sides of the toe rather than removing all or part of the nail (which is not the problem). He reported no recurrences and excellent results.


Dr. Henry Chapeskie's father, Dr. Andy Chapeskie, read Dr. Vandenbos' article and started doing the surgery for his patients also with excellent results. This is where Dr. Chapeskie learned the surgery. He performed what he termed the "Vandenbos Procedure" for over 30 years at the Thorndale Lions Medical Centre. He has had no recurrences and excellent cosmetic results.


Over the years, Dr. Chapeskie has performed thousands of Vandenbos Surgeries along with Nail Removal Surgeries (when needed for a nail problem) and has taught the Vandenbos Surgery to doctors across Canada. 

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